My first week of ReasonML

A look back on my first week of using Reason to build a native GraphQL server. Looking at the tools used and the changes in the ReasonML ecosystem.

Mindset for ReasonReact components

Moving from React in JavaScript to ReasonML can be quite challenging. Figuring out how to move your existing code patterns from JavaScript to a string type-system takes some time. In this article we'll explore how to translate a common component extension pattern.

Start your next React project with ReasonML

When evaluating ReasonML for use in your React project you may have some doubts. Fear not! You can do the things you could do without ReasonML, but better!

What is blockchain?

Blockchain has been around for a while. The hype seems to be coming to an end as it moves to a more mainstream phase of the technology lifecycle. Lets take a look at what Blockchain actually is.

RustFest Barcelona 2019 in Review

This year was the first time I attended RustFest. The European conference for the Rust Programming language. I take a look back at the experience.

The future of Drupal front-end development

With the move to decoupled applications and the adoption of frameworks like React and Vue.js, the workload of front-end development in Drupal will change. A different skill set will be required and the community will have to adjust as a result.

Setting up my blog (again)

Everyone should have their own place on the internet. In this post I talk about revamping my own spot on the web with a quick tour of the technologies that I'm using.
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